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The majority of patients come to us by recommendations or by referral from some of the most well-known ENT specialists in Yorkshire. We also accept referrals direct from GPs and as we are registered with the Health Care Professions Council, we can even accept self-referrals. Unlike other competitors, The Yorkshire Hearing Centre is completely independent, which allows us to tailor our services perfectly to every customer. These include; Hearing Tests, Hearing Aids, Speech Testing, Tinnitus Management, Glue Ear Testing, Video Otoscopy, Hearing Protection, Swim Plugs, Home Visits (If required)

Hearing Clinic of the Year - Award Winner 2021

Abid Khan

Abid Khan

Audiologist & Hearing Aid Consultant

Following completion of his BSc in Audiology degree at Leeds University, Mr Abid Khan was employed by Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS trust. He has since risen to a Senior position. He joined the audiology team at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust in 2008 and has been involved in diagnostic assessments of adults and paediatrics alongside fellow Audiologists and Ear Nose & Throat consultants. Over the years he has formed close relationships with the leading Ear Nose and Throat consultants in the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust. The majority of patients come to him by recommendations or by referral from some of the most well-known ENT specialists in Yorkshire. He also accepts self referrals and direct referrals from GPs and insurers.

Over the years he has developed a special interest in Tinnitus Counselling and Management and was offered a bursary to attend the Tinnitus and Management course in Cambridge in 2010. He has also completed an MSc in Tinnitus Management at Aston University in 2011. Mr Khan is completely independent, which allows him to tailor his services perfectly to every customer.

Hearing Aids

At The Yorkshire Hearing Centre, we understand that each individual has their own preference when it comes to hearing aids. With many different types of digital hearing aid currently on the market, choosing your hearing aid can be overwhelming. That’s where The Yorkshire Hearing Centre can help. The Yorkshire Hearing Centre only use qualified Audiologists with NHS experience. The decision to try a hearing aid is never an easy one. At The Yorkshire Hearing Centre we don’t believe in information overload, we believe in accurately explaining what a hearing aid can do for you in simple terms that you can understand.

We will undertake a full hearing assessment, ask about your hearing difficulties in particular environments and help you choose the right hearing aid for you. We will guide you through the process, explain your options and remove the confusion.

We work with you to help you hear within a budget with which you are comfortable, bearing in mind that very often, the most expensive option is not always the best option for you.


If you have been recently diagnosed with tinnitus and are looking for a second opinion, or you have lived with the condition for years and want to know about the latest developments, then The Yorkshire Hearing Centre can provide you with expert advice based on the latest developments in the tinnitus field. The Yorkshire Hearing Centre tinnitus services include;

  • Fitting of digital hearing aids

  • Hyperacusis Desensitisation Therapy

  • Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

  • Digital Maskers for Tinnitus

  • Customised Hearing Protection

  • Home Visits (If required)


The Yorkshire Hearing Centre work with leading hearing protection manufacturers to provide customised hearing protection.

Our wide variety of customised hearing protection provides high-noise filtered hearing protection which provides flat reduction at the low and mid range frequencies so that you maintain safe situation awareness and your ability to communicate in loud environments is not impaired.

The Yorkshire Hearing Centre work with manufacturing sister companies to make sure that we provide you with the latest and the best customised hearing protection. Recommending from a select range allows us the opportunity to provide market leading products at a cost effective price.

Customer Testimonials

Jim Bingham

Company Director - EYG

"I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for the Personal & Professional service you provided for me, nothing was too much trouble & I have found the Hearing Aids much easier to adjust than previously thought, as you know, I came to you as a recommendation from a colleague at work and combined with the service you provided turned out to be a good choice."

Prof. Gerard McElwee

University of Hull

"This is customer service at it's best.
Nothing is to much trouble for the Yorkshire Hearing Centre staff who are professional and very helpful. I fully recommend them."

Lynne Rollinson

Education Worker

"I have a unique style of hearing loss after suffering from Cholesteatoma and struggled with standard hearing aids. After visiting Abid Khan he researched some bone conducting hearing aids which are discreetly attached to glasses. The effort and personal attention I received was amazing and I cannot thank him enough. The hearing aid glasses have made such a huge difference to my quality of life and I cannot imagine life without them. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Abid who solved my problems for me and went that extra mile."

What the Experts Say

Philip Vokes

Head of Audiology - Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals

"Abid delivers hearing care with the highest proffesional standards. Having a wealth of NHS experience he is able to find solutions to the most complex listening solutions. Truly exceptional!"

Patrick Jassar

ENT Consultant

"I have worked with Abid for over 10 years. I have always found him to be highly professional and also to have a very caring and empathetic manner. He will go to any length to ensure that his patients are well looked after and he will always endeavour to achieve the best result possible for them."

Prof. Stephen Ell

ENT Consultant

"Abid Khan is an experienced audiologist with over 10 years NHS service, who offers a full range of services including: all adult diagnostic testing and medico-legal audiology, complex adult hearing aid rehabilitation and fittings; tinnitus retraining therapy; state-of-the-art balance testing and paediatric testing between 3-16 years of age. He has a strong work ethic and a professional, thoughtful attitude to patient care."